Mt Tamborine - Flower GardenMt Tamborine - Flower Garden

I took these two photos with my Galaxy Note in Mt Tamborine last weekend. I love these two images – especially the blurred out cottage in the background of the first picture & the fact I managed to capture a bee with my phone (just about in mid-flight) in the second image.


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Mt Tamborine Mt TamborineMt TamborineMt Tamborine

We have had family over from New Zealand this week & took them for a drive up to the Tamborine Mountains. Its only around 45mins drive from the Gold Coast & such a nice place to get away to.


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Botanic Gardens Rose GardenBotanic Gardens Rose Garden

I haven’t used my camera for a while & felt like taking some shots at the botanic gardens in the weekend. I went back to my local spot but with the seasons changing there was next to nothing there. I captured these beautiful Roses though – they are so pretty!


© The Little Leaf 2014

Rainbow LorikeetsRainbow Lorikeet

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a couple of Rainbow Lorikeets have been visiting us every morning on our balcony. Last Saturday because I wasnt working, I photographed them with my Nikon D90 – so they had their first wee photo shoot! :)


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Life Lately (3)Life Lately (4)Life Lately (1)Life Lately (2)Life Lately (5)

Hello, its been so so long since I have been on here! I thought I would share some photographs of what I have been up to lately.

Ever since I got back from New Zealand I have had Rainbow Lorikeets visit me most mornings, they are pretty friendly & I can feed them out of my hand – I love my new morning visitors.

I haven’t drawn for a few weeks so hopefully I can get back into it this weekend & get some more prints up on my Etsy store.


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