This week I have been working on this pink Ranunculus flower, I painted it with watercolour paint & sketched over top with a thin tipped black pen. I have had a few weeks off drawing & chose this pretty flower to get me back into the swing of things.

Ranunculus Flower | The Little Leaf

© The Little Leaf 2013

I captured this beautiful photo from the inside of St Margarets Chapel a couple of weekends ago. In the photograph I love the light that’s shining in through the door & how beautiful the day is looking out.

St Margarets Chapel

© The Little Leaf 2013

The Fairy Wren is a colourful & eye catching Bird that can be found in Australia & parts of New Guinea. I wanted to draw the Fairy Wren to capture all the blue tones that make it such a beautiful bird.

This little Fairy Wren is now available as an 8×10″ print from The Little Leaf Shop.

Australian Fairy Wren© The Little Leaf 2013

I have been working away on this New Zealand Bird – the Tui. It is a member of the Honeyeater family & enjoys the nectar from the New Zealand Flax when its flowering.

This Tui is now available as an 8×10″ print from The Little Leaf Shop.

Tui Drawing

© The Little Leaf 2013

I have spent the last couple of nights developing this Peony. Using a photograph as a starting point I turned the Peony into a line drawing & used 3 shades of pink from my Copic Marker collection to colour it.

This Peony Drawing is now available as a 5″x7″ print from The Little Leaf Shop.

© The Little Leaf 2013