Auckland, New Zealand | The Little Leaf

I haven’t really seen much of the North Island, but at the end of our latest trip we went to Auckland to spend some time with our friends. I absolutely loved it – the trees, old buildings, all the cafes & restaurants, the beautiful bays – I think its such a great city & could easily move there! Above are the photographs I took while we were there, enjoy.   © The Little Leaf 2014

Fingal Head | The Little Leaf

My Christmas shopping was all complete a couple of weeks ago so I spent the weekend relaxing & not in hectic shopping malls! We went for a drive down to Fingal Head – watched a pod of dolphins in the surf & went for a swim. Here is a panoramic shot I took on my Galaxy Note, enjoy!   © The Little Leaf 2013

Chaffinch | The Little Leaf

This little Chaffinch is now available as an 8×10 inch print from The Little Leaf Shop. I found inspiration to draw the Chaffinch while looking through a guide to NZ birds. The Chaffinch is the most common of Finch species in NZ. Apparently they are more brightly coloured in Summer & Spring & are often found feeding in suburban gardens, lawns & parks.   © The Little Leaf 2013

Fork Lightning | The Little Leaf

Summer here in Queensland is well known as storm season. We have had 2-3 weeks of constant storms – heavy rain, large hailstones & thunder & lightning. I love Summer storms – I have an amazing view & grab my camera as soon as I see the first signs of fork lightning. Here is the only pic I managed to captured over the last few weeks. Its quite blown out from the brightness of the lightning bolt – but I… Read more »

Tiny Flowers | The Little Leaf

I photographed these tiny white flowers at the botanical gardens. I love the blurred & out of focus flowers & branches that capture interest in the background.   © The Little Leaf 2013