Life Lately (3)

Hello, its been so so long since I have been on here! I thought I would share some photographs of what I have been up to lately. Ever since I got back from New Zealand I have had Rainbow Lorikeets visit me most mornings, they are pretty friendly & I can feed them out of my hand – I love my new morning visitors. I haven’t drawn for a few weeks so hopefully I can get back into it this… Read more »

Saturday Morning at The Spit (1)

On Saturday morning I photographed a lovely family at The Spit – which is where the sand spit separates the broad water from the Pacific Ocean here on the Gold Coast. I went down a bit earlier to snap a few photos to share with you all – it was a perfect Winters day. Facebook * Bloglovin * Pinterest * Etsy © The Little Leaf 2013

Autumn Sunsets

Autumn in Australia finishes in 3 days time. The mornings & nights are getting colder but the sunrises & sunsets are becoming even more amazing. I will be sure to share with you all the amazing sunrises & sunsets I capture this Winter. This photograph was captured with my Galaxy Note. Enjoy! © The Little Leaf 2013


Hey everyone, This was the sunset happening behind us while we were taking photos of the Church of the Good Shepherd. I love the contrast between the blue sky, the foreground & where the sun is lighting up the clouds. Enjoy  

Mt John (1)

Mount John in Lake Tekapo on a day like this was amazing! It was an hour before the sun went down & the cloud formations were spectacular! Some of you would of seen 1 of these photos before (I had shared it while in NZ) But its my favourite!! Just to note Mount John is the very best place in New Zealand to view the night skies. © The Little Leaf 2012