Hey everyone, This was the sunset happening behind us while we were taking photos of the Church of the Good Shepherd. I love the contrast between the blue sky, the foreground & where the sun is lighting up the clouds. Enjoy  

Mt John (1)

Mount John in Lake Tekapo on a day like this was amazing! It was an hour before the sun went down & the cloud formations were spectacular! Some of you would of seen 1 of these photos before (I had shared it while in NZ) But its my favourite!! Just to note Mount John is the very best place in New Zealand to view the night skies. © The Little Leaf 2012

Lake Tekapo Mount John Lookout

Yay…..Finally I get to start sharing all the photos I took at Lake Tekapo on my holiday. This photo was taken at the Mt. John lookout at Lake Tekapo, it was an hour before sunset & the cloud formations were amazing! We were so lucky to be up there at this time with views like this! There is plenty more of these to come! © The Little Leaf 2012

On our way to Tekapo

This is how beautiful it was driving through the middle of the South Island towards Lake Tekapo. Blue sky & snow on the mountains, but it’s a different climate through there so there isn’t green grass! I love the South Island. If any of you visit New Zealand a drive through the middle & to Lake Tekapo is a must… especially in Winter time!