6 Raindrops

I hope you all had a relaxing & creative weekend! Mine went way too fast, I managed to walk around the park downstairs with my camera yesterday & get a another drawing up on Etsy so I was happy! Queensland weather yesterday was amazing – bright blue sunny skies, But this pretty patterned leaf had 6 little raindrops sitting on it. © The Little Leaf 2012

Last tree with leaves

Hello everyone, Wow it’s the weekend already. Following the Bright Orange Leaves I shared with you all yesterday, I thought I would show you the tree from which they came from! This tree caught my eye instantly – it was one of the last trees in the park filled with vibrant & gorgeous orange leaves. Enjoy

Bright Orange Leaves

I arrived back from NZ last night after celebrating the life of my Nana at home after her passing. So I’m back to sharing more photography from my holiday in NZ at the start of June. The tree I took these photos from (to come) was just about the last tree in the Botanical Gardens that had leaves left on it. I love how bright & orange they are – especially against the beautiful blue sky. Enjoy

3 Red Poppies

Happy Sunday everyone, Here are some photos I took at a Poppy Garden while on holiday in New Zealand. It was gorgeous – white, red & yellow poppies & not a cloud in the sky! I had some bad news last night, my Nana has passed away. I am flying back to New Zealand first thing in the morning so I will continue sharing my holiday photos when I get back in a few days time. Enjoy your week